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Тест №70-217: Implementing and Administering a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure

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Skills Being Measured

This certification exam measures your ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot the Windows 2000 Active Directory components, DNS for Active Directory, and Active Directory security solutions. In addition, this test measures the skills required to manage, monitor, and optimize the desktop environment by using Group Policy. Before taking the exam, you should be proficient in the job skills listed below.

Installing and Configuring Active Directory

Install forests, trees, and domains.
  • Automate domain controller installation.
Create sites, subnets, site links, and connection objects.

Configure server objects. Considerations include site membership and global catalog designation.

Transfer operations master roles.

Verify and troubleshoot Active Directory installation.

Implement an organizational unit (OU) structure.

Installing, Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting DNS for Active Directory

Install and configure DNS for Active Directory.
  • Integrate Active Directory DNS zones with existing DNS infrastructure.
  • Configure zones for dynamic updates and secure dynamic updates.
  • Create and configure DNS records.
Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot DNS.

Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Change and Configuration Management

Implement and troubleshoot Group Policy.
  • Create and modify a Group Policy object (GPO).
  • Link to an existing GPO.
  • Delegate administrative control of Group Policy.
  • Configure Group Policy options.
  • Filter Group Policy settings by using security groups.
  • Modify Group Policy prioritization.
Manage and troubleshoot user environments by using Group Policy.

Install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot software by using Group Policy.

Manage network configuration by using Group Policy.

Configure Active Directory to support Remote Installation Services (RIS).
  • Configure RIS options to support remote installations.
  • Configure RIS security.
Managing, Monitoring, and Optimizing the Components of Active Directory

Manage Active Directory objects.
  • Move Active Directory objects.
  • Publish resources in Active Directory.
  • Locate objects in Active Directory.
  • Create and manage objects manually or by using scripting.
  • Control access to Active Directory objects.
  • Delegate administrative control of objects in Active Directory.
Monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot Active Directory performance and replication.

Back up and restore Active Directory.
  • Perform an authoritative and a nonauthoritative restore of Active Directory.
  • Recover from a system failure.
  • Seize operations master roles.
Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Security in a Directory Services Infrastructure

Apply security policies by using Group Policy.

Create, analyze, and modify security configurations by using the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in and the Security Templates snap-in.

Implement an audit policy.

Monitor and analyze security events.

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